Community Acupuncture


Family Tree Acupuncture offers Community Clinic hours with treatments as low as $35. Patients discuss their concerns and health history with the Acupuncture Physician in a private area before receiving a treatment in our community space, which accommodates up to four people. Treatments are administered on one of four plush reclining leather lounge chairs with ample neck, back and leg support, in a large tranquil room with natural light and soft music. This environment allows us to attend to multiple patients, which lowers our operating costs and enables us to pass the savings on to you. This option is ideal for patients with conditions requiring more frequent treatments as well as those who have limited financial resources. The average length of your visit to our Community Clinic will be 45 minutes. We do not offer herbs, cupping, moxibustion (heat therapy) or massage during Community Clinic hours.

For those with chronic or complicated conditions requiring an in-depth diagnostic workup, as well as those who have never experienced Chinese medicine or who would prefer to see an Acupuncture Physician in a one-on-one setting, we offer private sessions as well.

Community Clinic Hours
Wednesdays: 8:30am -7:30pm (last appointment at 6:30pm).
Appointments are required.

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