Dr. Jorge is Going to Puerto Rico November 19, 2017

Posting By Jorge Mejia AP, DOM

In the past two years, I experienced my first two hurricanes and made it through relatively unscathed but unfortunately many in Puerto Rico cannot say the same. Hurricane Maria left behind an unparalleled level of devastation and to this day, months after the hurricane, most of the island lacks the basic resources it needs to recover. On December 13th I will be traveling to Puerto Rico with the organization Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB) to offer relief acupuncture for those who stayed to rebuild. AWB is a non-profit organization that relies on volunteer acupuncturists and donations to help sustain relief efforts here in the U.S. and all over the world.

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As many of you may already know, acupuncture is wonderful for stress relief, pain management, depression, insomnia, anxiety and a host of other conditions that are prevalent in the aftermath of disaster. In my 10 years of practice I have witnessed the positive, transformative effects of acupuncture even after a single session. I know how something as simple as a few needles can be enough to change someone’s perspective and offer relief in the midst of uncertainty. I am honored to be part of this effort and excited to help.

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I feel particularly drawn to this relief effort for many reasons and I am taking time away from my practice, family and Room8 button development to be in Puerto Rico for a week. I am footing the expenses for the trip and am not asking for anything in return. However, if you feel inclined to support my efforts, I would be very grateful. There are a number of ways you can do so:

      • Support our business now and while I’m away. If you haven’t been in for treatment in a while, now is a great time for a holiday tune up. I’ve added some days and hours to my schedule so come on in for a treatment. If I’m not available my wife Maggie, Rob or Gina will be up to the task! Book Now
      • Try a massage! Erin, our new massage therapist is taking new clients. You will not be disappointed! Book Now
      • Buy gift cards redeemable for acupuncture, herbal or massage services for friends, co-workers or loved ones. Nothing says Happy Holidays like the gift of health. Get One Here
      • Donate money to help me cover the cost of my flight, trip insurance and incidentals while in PR. You can make a secure donation through PayPal or the next time you are in office you can make a donation when paying out.

Please be sure to follow us on social as I will attempt to post regular updates from Puerto Rico. In the spirit of health and service I thank you all for your love and support!


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