We’re Growing Our Family September 3, 2017

When you’re shopping for office furniture in smallish-town Daytona beach and you randomly meet another acupuncturist who is also shopping for office furniture, it piques your interest. After all, there aren’t an abundance of acupuncturists wandering around Volusia County shopping for office furniture. Not at the same time at least.

True story.

Fast forward one year later… that same acupuncturist expresses interest in volunteering her time at our free veterans clinic on Thursday nights. Yes please!

If you’re a veteran and you’ve taken advantage of our free veterans clinic on Thursday nights, you already know who we’re talking about. If you’re a community patient who needs more appointment options, you’re going to be thrilled. If you’ve been looking for a good massage therapist, you can cross that off your list. If you’re curious about essential oils and want to reap the benefits during treatment and at home, your day just got a little bit better.

When your goal is to offer the highest quality healthcare at the best value using the most passionate, educated and tenderhearted staff, then you do whatever it takes to gather that under your umbrella when you find it. Gina Bushelon doesn’t just practice this medicine. She eats, breathes, walks and talks it. The title “Acupuncture Physician” doesn’t quite cut it. Perhaps this would be more appropriate:

Gina Bushelon: Acupuncture Physician, Massage Therapist, Nutritionist, Chef, Essential Oils Expert, Mother-of-Three, Wife, Kayaker, Bookworm.

Her impressive formal education is not to be overshadowed by the passion and experience she brings to Family Tree Acupuncture, which makes her such a unique practitioner.

Take her 17 years of experience in working with essential oils, for example. For those who aren’t familiar, essential oils are the naturally occurring, aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Herbs and flowers give us easy access to the aromatic qualities of these oils. It just so happens that they have a wide-range of emotional and physical therapeutic properties as well.

Gina began using essential oils when she was pregnant with her first child. These days, she uses them in her massage and acupuncture treatments for both physical and emotional issues ranging from muscular pain, headaches and bladder infections to relief from stress and anxiety.

At home, she uses essential oils to make her own cleaning and beauty products, including all-purpose cleaner, natural deodorant, and toothpaste. She uses them both topically and internally to address any number of health issues. Suffice it to say, there is no Neosporin in her medicine cabinet.
If you’re curious about the benefits of essential oils but have been overwhelmed with the hundreds of single oils and oil blends on the market, Gina recommends keeping it simple by starting with two: peppermint and lavender.

Lavender has been shown to reduce anxiety and emotional stress.

Want more? Gina is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping others achieve their health goals and live more joyous lives. Lucky for you, she’s available right here at Family Tree Acupuncture with appointment availability beginning September 15th. You can book appointments with Gina using our online scheduling system, or you can call our office at 386-944-5855.

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