Free Acupuncture for Veterans November 11, 2013

Paul J. Suchicki,

Paul J. Suchcicki, Staff Sergeant, US Air Force, WWII

Opening February 2014:
The Paul J. Suchcicki Free Veteran’s Clinic

Beginning February 6th 2014, Family Tree Acupuncture will offer a free weekly community-style acupuncture clinic for all current and former US military. Many combat veterans and active duty suffer from chronic pain and/or serious acute traumatic stress – they may be having flashbacks, panic, insomnia, suicidal ideation, or any number of symptoms. A November, 2013, CNN article reported that “an estimated 20% of Afghanistan and Iraq veterans screen positive for PTSD or depression,” and that access to mental health resources continues to be difficult.

In response, Family Tree Acupuncture is implementing The Paul J. Suchcicki Veterans Acupuncture Clinic to provide free acupuncture to returning veterans and active duty. Groups around the country are forming to create a nationwide network of free community acupuncture clinics for this population and their families with clinics operational in Orlando and Miami as well as Atlanta, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco and New York.

Acupuncture has been rapidly catching on as a treatment option for pain, PTSD, anxiety, depression, insomnia and other war zone-related symptoms. The US Military has now trained hundreds of Air Force, Navy and Army doctors to use acupuncture as part of emergency care in combat and in frontline hospitals as well as bases back home. The World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health recognize acupuncture as evidence-based therapy that works for many kinds of medical conditions, including pain, addiction and emotional and psychological disorders.

According to Col. Arnyce Pock, Medical Director for the Air Force Medical Corps, acupuncture comes without the side effects that are common after taking traditional painkillers.

“It allows [some] troops to reduce the number of narcotics they take for pain,” Pock said. While Pock admits that it’s not a cure-all in every case, “it can be another tool in one’s toolbox to be used in addition to painkillers to reduce the level of pain even further.”

Community-style acupuncture is offered in a group setting and includes:

  • acupuncture needles on ears only
  • 30 – 45 minute treatment
  • needles that are are pre-packaged, sterile, and disposed of after use

Raul Rojas, participant in a similar acupuncture clinic for veterans in New Mexico has found great value in this burgeoning program and states, “I believe that because of the acupuncture treatments I have become calmer and my anxiety level has drastically come down. I’m able to sleep more restfully and longer and without nightmares or flashbacks. Acupuncture is helping me get my life back.”

“The Paul J. Suchicicki Free Veterans Memorial Clinic” will be offered every Thursday evening from 4-7pm beginning February 6th, 2014 at Family Tree Acupuncture: 112 Orange Avenue, Suite 204, Daytona Beach FL, 32114. Walk-ins are welcome.



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