It’s quite simple, really. September 14, 2015

You may have noticed this recently: a brief acknowledgement of consciousness in the morning before letting yourself fall blissfully back into sleep, the darkness suggesting that you must have a few more hours remaining. And just as you start to slip into your next dream…..the alarm.

pumpkinlatteIt was completely dark when my mine went off this morning and my first thought was that I set it for the wrong time. A few hours later, Jorge texted me to let me know that pumpkin lattes are now available at our local cafe. Considering that it’s 90 degrees outside, I’ll take that on ice, thank you very much. Last but not least, our daughter came home from school with a cough last week.

Diagnosis: fall.

The onslaught of Halloween paraphernalia available for purchase may feel a little obnoxious, especially since fall doesn’t officially begin until the fall equinox occurs on September 23rd. However, we are certainly in transition from summer to fall, and there is significance to that in Chinese medicine. In fact, the ways in which you move through this transition in terms of such things as your sleep, nutrition and exercise patterns will significantly affect your health, especially your immunity and your stress levels.

It’s simple really: Align yourself with the rhythms of nature and you will more easily ward off disease. A lifestyle that promotes balance and good health is that simple. Yet somehow the simplest things can seem hard to incorporate or maintain in our fast-paced, convenience-driven lives.

autumn-tree-rhLet me give you an example, and I’m interested to know if you can relate to this in any way. Oftentimes when we’re working with patients, we talk about nutrition with respect to their individual constitution. Now let’s be honest, nutrition has become a very complicated subject wrought with contradictions. One minute “fat free” is good for you, and the next it’s poison to your system (we happen to agree with the latter, but that’s another discussion altogether). Patients are used to hearing complicated and time-consuming mantras such as “count your calories,” “measure your protein,” “eat according to your blood type,” and “never eat carbohydrates and acidic foods at the same meal.”

When Jorge and I come out with things like “avoid food products containing ingredients that no ordinary human would keep in their pantry,” (thank you Michael Pollan) it might sound like an oversimplification, or even a joke. Same with, “eat fruits and vegetables that are in season.” The truth is that nature has it all figured out, and the natural cycle of produce is perfectly designed to support our health. It’s simple. It’s common sense. However, our culture of convenience and instant gratification doesn’t make it easy to implement.

Our bodies change with the rhythms of nature, and if we work against that, we leave ourselves susceptible to illness. For example, as the days grow shorter, recognize that this is nature’s clue suggesting we should be resting longer at night. Sure, you can ignore this, and many people do, but it’s quite possible you’ll pay for it with lowered immunity and higher stress levels this fall.

yogaacutransitionsWant to take action? Come to our workshop! Now is the time. It’s not a coincidence that we timed our workshop to happen just days before the equinox. The fall equinox is quite literally an astronomical event that embodies the concepts of transition and balance. Yoga and acupuncture really complement one another in their holistic approach to health and balancing the body.

Yoga stretches, compresses and twists the acupuncture meridians as well as the organs, and this helps to regulate the proper flow of qi, blood and lymph, which is what acupuncture strives to restore and maintain.

In this workshop, we’ll explain how our bodies mirror what is happening with the earth and the sun during the fall equinox. Forty-five minutes of yin yoga will focus on balancing asanas (or poses) with counter-asanas as well as the transition between poses. This will be followed by 20 minutes of acupuncture to help boost immunity and relieve stress as we move into the fall season. You’ll love the tips we give you for staying healthy this fall. They’re so simple, yet so effective, and they’re very easy to implement.

Space is super limited in this workshop, so don’t waste too much time mulling it over. You can register online at www.renew-yoga.com.

It’s quite simple, really.


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