Holistic Highs: Expanding our Service Menu November 10, 2017

I’ll admit, I’m a little bit high as I write this.

No, we haven’t added any new “herbs” to our Chinese herbal pharmacy. I know you’re curious about that.

The high I’m on is a natural one….the type that comes from gently breaking open areas of my body that were previously stuck, congested and painful. My drug of choice: Thai massage from Erin Gebhardt, licensed massage therapist.

For years our patients have been asking us to offer massage therapy alongside our Chinese medicine services. We love the idea, don’t get me wrong. We’ve just been waiting for the right fit….a style of massage that compliments what we offer, and a practitioner with a personality that fits Family Tree.

We’ve basically been waiting for someone to come along and offer to walk on our backs.

Meet our new addiction…ahem, I mean addition: Erin Gebhardt. Her extensive training in ashiatsu (pronounce AH-she-AHT-su) and ashi Thai (pronounced AH-shur-TY) massage make her exceptionally unique. Her passion for her trade and her warm, welcoming personality feel so comfortable that you just might be open to trying new things.

A little about each style….

Both ashiatsu and ashi-Thai massage offer all the therapeutic relief of a deep tissue massage without the discomfort or residual soreness. Seriously. Everyone at Family Tree can attest to this because we’ve tried it.

During an ashiatsu session, Erin stands on the table and uses her feet to massage while holding onto bars overhead. The foot offers a wider and more padded surface than the hand, making the strokes fluid, comfortable and deeply therapeutic. The slow, repetitive compression is so relaxing it’s insane. This type of masssage is wonderful for chronic pain and tight or overused muscles, not to mention stress relief.

Ashi-Thai is a variation of Thai Yoga massage that feels like the perfect trifecta of therapeutic massage, yoga and relaxation. Erin uses the overhead bar system along with her feet, legs and body weight to perform passive stretches, rhythmic compressions and joint movements while the client is fully clothed. Ashi-Thai increases flexibility while improving circulation and relaxing muscles making it ideal for runners, cyclists, cross fitters and other athletes.

Both ashiatsu and ashi-Thai massages can be stand-alone treatments, or they can be incorporated into a more traditional Swedish relaxation massage. Even Erin’s Swedish massage offering is next level, thanks to her endless pursuit of training in different massage modalities and her vast experience in treating so many different conditions.

By the way, Erin was born in the Chinese year of the Monkey. It was an icing-on-the-cake sort of revelation that we had after receiving her massages. Get it? Hanging from the ceiling?

Since introducing these two styles into her practice in Ohio a few years ago, 75% of Erin’s client base switched to receiving one or both of these styles exclusively. Her plentiful 5-star client reviews say things like,

Erin was phenomenal!! She has such a wonderful personality- very caring and thorough. Best massage I have ever gotten.

Erin is simply amazing. Ashiatsu “foot pressure” massage is by far the best message I have ever had….I’ve slept better the last two nights than I have in months! Incredible!!! Thanks Erin!

Intriguing, right?

Well don’t drag your heels for too long about it. Massage appointments by Erin will be available on a limited basis beginning November 20th, and they’re already being snatched up. You can call the office at 386-944-5855 or schedule online.

Massage gift certificates are also available so you can get yourself AND your family members a natural high just in time for the holidays.


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