Auricular Therapy

Did you know that there are close to 100 acupuncture points located on the outer ear alone? Each of these points correspond to a different organ, body part or physiological process, and we select points in the ear based on the condition we are addressing.

During private or community-style treatments, we might use a couple of ear needles to supplement the body points that we choose. In other situations, such as our free weekly veterans clinic, we use points found in the ear exclusively. Why?

Very accessible: patients can easily receive a treatment in a group setting will fully dressed and relaxing in one of our comfortable reclining lounge chairs.
Very flexible: treatments can be done anywhere since no special facilities or equipment are necessary.
Very simple: no lengthy intake or wait-time is required. Those receiving treatment usually feel its impact immediately, and relaxation generally occurs within minutes.
Very economical: treatments done in groups are very cost-effective. We pass that savings on to you!
Very effective: after treatments, patients typically report increased mental clarity, improvement in sleep, reduction of aches and pains, and improved mood in addition to a decrease in the symptoms they came in to address.

Auricular (or ear) treatments are available to veterans and their immediate family members for free every Thursday evening from 5-7pm. No appointment is necessary. We also offer auricular treatments during our community clinic hours on Wednesday for a reduced rate by appointment only.

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