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You know that expression, “It’s written all over your face”? Well it is. Every line, every wrinkle, every discoloration or scar tells the story of our lives. They also gives us clues as to what’s going on behind the scenes, inside the skin.

FamilyTreeAcupuncture-58At Family Tree Acupuncture, we offer a unique healing experience for your skin: one that is chemical-free, from the inside out. Whether you’re new to skin care or you have your dermatologist on speed dial, you’re going to love the unique holistic approach that our resident Skin Care Specialist, Mellony Ritchey, brings to the table. For one thing, her approach to making you glow is chemical-free: no harsh, synthetic or processed ingredients here!

The truth is that cleansers, toners and serums alone can’t turn back the clock, erase blemishes or undo skin damage. We go beyond the facial masks with the use of touch therapy, stress-relief techniques, and education that includes dietary and lifestyle recommendations: healing from the inside out.

Is this service right for you? Let’s see if you can relate to any of the following:

    • You don’t want chemicals like trichloroacetic acid or hydroquinone coming out of your mouth, let alone in your skin care products.
    • You’ve noticed uneven, dry, red or blotchy areas on your face lately.
    • You received quite the shock after your unwilling participation in the “guess how old I am?” game.
    • You’ve tried every acne product on the market, and still no luck.
    • You have tape on your face right now (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, go back and read).
    • Your co-worker just asked if you’ve been crying (you haven’t).
    • Your friend just commented that you look tired (you’re not…or maybe you are).
    • You know exactly what this picture is on the right.
    • You can grease a muffin pan with the oil on your skin.
    • You feel as though your skin has aged 10 years in the last two.
    • You look in the mirror and have said to yourself, “now THAT is one stressed out person.”
    • You live in Florida and have been exposed to the sun.
    • You have a face that you love and you want to take good care of it.

Our face tells a story, but that story is still being written. You have the power to change what isn’t serving you. If your face is alerting you to imbalances that need to be addressed, we’re here to help you take that first step.

“What you are is what you have been, what you will be is what you do now.” ~Buddha

The Reset Facial: 30 min  | $45
15 minutes of relaxing facial massage is followed by a reparative antioxidant mask and a protective moisturizing treatment to counter the effects of stress, sun damage and aging.

Yin Yang Mini Facial: 30 min  | $50
Yin and yang is all about balance, and this service helps your skin achieve just that. A gentle cleanse and exfoliation is followed by a mask and moisturizer customized for your skin type and lifestyle to reveal your bright & balanced complexion. Great for prevention and maintenance.

Revolu-Shen Full Facial: 50 min | $75
Re-vo-lu-tion: /revəˈlo͞oSH(ə)n/
noun. – A total or radical change.
Are you ready for it? In Chinese medicine, your “shen” is your vitality, your presence, your mental health…and it’s visible on your face. When you’re glowing and your eyes are smiling, your shen is strong and anchored. Whether you’re dealing with a minor problem area or a chronic skin issue, this offering will meet you where you’re at and allow your shen to shine through. We’ll cleanse, smooth and balance your skin using exfoliation, extractions, masks and facial massage. As always, your treatment is customized to your skin type and lifestyle and will leave you refreshed and renewed: a facial revolu-shen!

Revolu-Shen Full Facial with Lymphatic Drainage Massage: 60 min | $80
This massage is a great addition to the Revolu-When Full Facial for the treatment of dry skin, fine lines, puffy eyes, and those who are prone to break-outs. Using specific pressure and soothing circular movements, this specialized facial massage encourages the natural flow of lymph. Translation: detoxification and immune-enhancement!

Revolu-Shen Full Facial with Dermaplaning: 60 min | $90
Let’s face it: we’ve all woken up to a new wrinkle, acne scarring, blotchy skin, or puffy eyes. This fully customized treatment combines the Revolu-Shen Full Facial with the addition of dermaplaning. What’s dermaplaning you ask? This safe, painless “chemical-free peel” uses a medical grade blade to exfoliate the surface layer, leaving you with smoother skin that is instantly noticeable. Dermaplaning is great for sensitive skin and for those with mild acne scarring, visible facial veins and fine facial hairs that don’t respond to laser treatment. The best part? No chemicals. No acids. No negative side effects.

Waxing & Shaping, Brows or Lip: $15 each

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