Therapeutic Massage

Erin Gebhardt is Family Tree Acupuncture’s in-house massage therapist specializing in ashiatsu and ashi-thai. If you’re not familiar with these incredibly therapeutic styles of massage, let us introduce you to your new favorite therapy.

Known as the “world’s deepest, most luxurious massage,” Ashiatsu allows the massage therapist to apply the deepest amount of pressure possible while still providing an extremely relaxing massage. The client rests comfortably on a massage table while Erin stands on the table and supports herself by holding on to parallel bars on the ceiling. She uses her feet to apply deep compression and soothing, slow massage strokes. Using her body weight, she can easily shift to adjust the pressure to the client’s comfort level. The pressure ranges from medium to very deep.

Ashiatsu is much more therapeutic than most traditional hands-on massage. This technique is perfect for chronic shoulder or hip tension, relieving overworked muscles and releasing stubborn fascia.

Ashi-Thai is a variation of Thai Yoga massage that feels like the perfect trifecta of therapeutic massage, yoga and relaxation. Erin uses the overhead bar system along with her feet, legs and body weight to perform passive stretches, rhythmic compressions and joint movements while the client is fully clothed.

Ashi-Thai increases flexibility while improving circulation and relaxing muscles making it ideal for runners, cyclists, cross fitters and other athletes.

Relaxation Massage
This traditional massage relieves stress and calms the nervous system. Even Erin’s Swedish massage offering is next-level, thanks to her endless pursuit of training in different massage modalities and her vast experience in treating so many different conditions. Both ashiatsu and ashi-Thai massages can be incorporated into the more traditional Swedish relaxation massage.

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