When you’re trusting someone to guide you on your journey towards healthy skin, you want that practitioner to glow, right?

Mellony Ritchey’s glow is a reflection of her own skin care journey, her holistic lifestyle and the balance she’s able to strike in her life. Her level of expertise would make you think that she does nothing but skin care 24 hours a day, but it’s not true. She balances her role as Family Tree Acupuncture’s Skin Care Specialist with being a mom, yoga instructor, motorcycle enthusiast, paddleboarder and nature-lover (just to name a few).

Her journey to holistic skin care began when she worked as a receptionist at a local plastic surgery clinic many moons ago. She observed over and over again the damaging effects that overexposure to the sun, a poor diet and certain lifestyle habits can have on the skin, and she soon became interested in her own skin care.

She connects with patients in a unique way not only due to her experience, but as someone who has struggled with sensitive, acne-prone skin herself for many years. She found relief through natural, protective skin care products along with changes in her diet and lifestyle. Her secret to locking in that healthy glow? Prevention and maintenance.

Mellony is a licensed aesthetician and Family Tree Acupuncture’s resident Skin Care Specialist. Since 2003, she has been specializing in the correction and maintenance of aging, acne-prone and sensitive skin, teaching her patients the importance of a well balanced lifestyle as well as the importance of a routine skin care plan using natural, chemical-free products.

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