Our Story

We met while studying Chinese medicine in San Francisco, CA. United by friendship, love and a shared vision of bringing awareness and accessibility to Chinese Medicine, we opened a thriving and award winning clinic in the Mission district of San Francisco: City Pulse Acupuncture.

After the birth of our daughter in 2011, the concept of family took on an elevated meaning and became integrated into our professional vision. We made the decision to sell our practice, move to Florida to be closer to our own families, and create more affordable health care options in an area where such options are limited….and Family Tree Acupuncture was born. We are a family, we treat our entire family and we treat your entire family: from infants to your great, great grandmother and everybody in-between.

We are able to offer something very unique to this area as a result of our experience and training. Both of us are graduates of The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, one of the most prestigious institutions for Chinese Medicine in the world. The standards for education and licensure in Chinese Medicine are higher in California than anywhere else in the country. We offer a full raw herbal medicine pharmacy, which allows us to customize our prescriptions to fit the unique diagnosis of each patient. Our Community Acupuncture model enables us to make Chinese medicine affordable and accessible to everyone, and our free weekly Veteran’s Acupuncture Clinic enables us to give back to our community and offer health care solutions to populations in need of more resources.

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